AMA Achievement Awards

Ms. Brenda Reynolds, 2019 recipient of the AMA Medal of Honor

The Alberta Medical Association Board of Directors created the Achievement Awards in 1992 to honor physicians (Medal for Distinguished Service) and non-physicians (Medal of Honor) for their hard work in contributing to quality health care in Alberta.

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A Special Commendation

The Committee on Achievement Awards recommended that the AMA confer special recognition this year on Alberta physicians who practice in the specialty of Public Health and Preventive Medicine for their hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic. Their dedication to protect Albertans in such a crisis and under such pressure is remarkable and worthy of our deepest respect. We also wish to acknowledge their leadership contributions, not only in the wake of the pandemic, but also in the continuous collaborative efforts to promote health and the well-being of Albertans through various public health initiatives, projects and programs.

This specialty area sometimes misses the profile that other specialties enjoy with the public. COVID-19 has brought them very much to the forefront as our daily guides to health and safety. Alberta’s Dr. Deena Hinshaw and her many colleagues who work behind the scenes have been critical to Alberta’s response to the pandemic.

We salute these colleagues for managing the tide of emerging evidence and crafting sound policy under extreme pressure. We also want to acknowledge that while COVID-19 has grabbed the spotlight for much of 2020, their day to day work, year in and year out, makes our province a safer place to live.


Medal for Distinguished Service – Physician (may or may not be an AMA member) who has made an outstanding personal contribution to the medical profession and to the people of Alberta that has:

  • Contributed to the art and science of medicine.
  • Raised the standards of medical practice.  

Medal of Honor – Non-physician who has made an outstanding personal contribution to the people of Alberta by:

  • Contributing to the advancement of medical research, medical education, health care organization, health education and/or health promotion to the public.
  • Raising the standards of health care in Alberta. 

For more information, contact:

Debbie Kuss
Administrative Assistant
Public Affairs, Alberta Medical Association
T 780.482.2626 ext. 3782
TF 1.800.272.9680 ext. 3782

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