TD Insurance Meloche Monnex/AMA Medical Student Bursary

AMA Medical Student Bursary

The TD Insurance Meloche Monnex/AMA Medical Student Bursary Program helps to reduce financial pressure from escalating medical school tuition fees so that every qualified student can afford to attend medical school. Since 2001 the AMA Student Bursary has awarded 1,373 bursaries for a total of $2,061,000.

In 2022, we issued 70 student bursaries between the University of Alberta and University of Calgary. Download the TD Insurance Meloche Monnex/AMA Medical Student Bursary info sheet.

The bursary program is made possible through a significant contribution by TD Insurance Meloche Monnex as well as donations from generous physician members.

In previous years the bursary program also received support by the funds raised from the Annual North South Doctors Golf Tournament, which the AMA co-hosted with the College of Physicians & Surgeons of Alberta and the Canadian Medical Foundation each Summer. At this time the tournament has been paused for review.


The TD Insurance Meloche Monnex/AMA Medical Student Bursary is available to AMA student members in good standing, who are also enrolled full-time in undergraduate medical education in an Alberta medical school at the time the bursary application is made.

Eligibility is based on financial need. Proof of a minimum debt of $10,000 is required and must be submitted with your application (copies of statements from financial institutions and government student loan programs or their agencies). Statements without the applicant’s name will not be considered in the total debt. Many on-line or quick print documents do not provide names. These documents indicate they are not official documents and for more information to contact them. Documentation that would show the loan number and name together would be acceptable as proof of debt.

Only two student bursaries can be awarded to the same student throughout medical school.

How much is available?

There is no predetermined number of bursaries per class – the awards disbursed depend on the funds available, the number of applications and each applicant’s level of financial need.

Funds are apportioned to each Alberta medical school based on the number of students enrolled. In March 2022, $105,000 was awarded to medical students who qualified for the bursary.

New for 2023

  • 50% of the awards will be given to the highest debt holders at $1,500/bursary. The other fifty percent of the awards will be randomly picked for a student bursary and awarded $1,000/bursary.
  • Awarding of bursaries is based on financial need. Proof of a minimum debt of $10,000 is required.

Apply now!

Applications for the bursary will be accepted until December 31, 2022.

Online application

Apply today for the 2022/23 AMA Medical Student Bursary.

The 2022/23 bursary winners will be notified by way of a mailed congratulations letter with a bursary cheque enclosed after the selection process is completed (Spring 2023). The applicants who are not selected will be emailed. Additionally, your AMA student representative will email an announcement when the selection process is complete.

More information

To learn more, view the TD Insurance Meloche Monnex/AMA Medical Student Bursary FAQ or contact:

Jennifer A. McCombe
Team Lead, Membership & Benefits
Alberta Medical Association
T 780-732-3359, Toll-free 1-866-714-5724 ext. 5359


Your AMA medical student association representative

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