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2018 AMA Member Emeritus award recipients with Michael Gormley, AMA Executive Officer, and Dr. Neil Cooper, AMA President, 2017-18

The Member Emeritus award recognizes significant contributions to the goals and aims of the AMA, seniority and long-term membership. Further criteria is outlined below.


  • Each year at Fall Representative Forum/Annual General Meeting (see Recent recipients, below)


Per the AMA Constitution and Bylaws, “A Member of the Association may be awarded the distinction of Member Emeritus, which shall recognize significant contributions to the goals and aims of the AMA, seniority and long-term membership based on criteria determined by the Board. Nominations will be made by the Nominating Committee or by a Full Member of the Association. The nominees shall be approved by a unanimous vote of the Board.”

  • A member must have 20 years (not necessarily consecutive) of involvement in AMA activities, including:
    • Committee work (internal AMA or appointment to external committees)
    • Representative Forum
    • Board of Directors
    • Section executive
    • Zone Medical Staff Association/Regional Medical Organization executive
    • Liaison with other medical organizations

Deadline for nominations

As mentioned above, nominations are made by the Nominating Committee, but members can also nominate an AMA member for Member Emeritus. The deadline is February 1 of any given year.

For more information, contact:

Annette Ross
Administrative Assistant, Public Affairs
Alberta Medical Association 
T 780.482.0312
Toll-free 1.800.272.9680 ext. 3312

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