2017-18 recipients

The following Emerging Leaders in Health Promotion Grant Program projects received funding in 2017-18.

Psychiatric Perceptions: What is psychiatry in the 21st century? - An educational podcast

Recipient(s): Dr. Jaylynn Arcand, Dr. Jonathan Dornian, Dr. Sheila Acharya 

Project description: The purpose of this project is to create a podcast that will educate the public about how mental health issues impact patients, their families and their communities, and how psychiatrists work to address these issues. The end goal is to provide clarification for misconceptions that arise from the disconnect between the public's general knowledge and actual psychiatric practice.

‘Street Sense’: A high school program promoting informed decision-making regarding drug and opioid use

Recipient(s): Chu Yang Lin

Project description: Street Sense is a project that aims to address the increase in opioid-related hospitalizations in youths by filling in the gaps of the current high-school education curriculum. The theme of the project will be one of harm reduction, rather than solely drug-use deterrence. He project aims to target inner-city high school students in Edmonton.

Doctors Against Tragedies

Recipient(s): Dr. Michiko Maruyama

Project description: This project aims to raise awareness of fentanyl-related deaths and to educate the public on both the negatives and positives of fentanyl use. An age-appropriate game titled ‘Doctors Against Tragedies’ (based on the popular games, Cards Against Humanities and Minecraft) will be created with facts related to fentanyl-related deaths incorporated into the game. The game will be available in a physical form, as well as online, and will be targeted to elementary, high school and university students.

Play, Learn, Teach! Part 2!

Recipient(s): Dr. Michiko Maruyama

Project description: The main purpose of the project is to teach children about their health condition and treatment plan through an innovative and creative approach. The project aims to have educational toys designed to promote health and disease prevention to children. The toys will be focused on medical fields including, but not limited to: general surgery, plastic surgery and oncology.

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