Family Medicine

The Section of Family Medicine's mission is to help general practitioners:

  • Achieve and maintain economic well-being.
  • Provide quality care.
  • Enjoy quality of life.

Find a list of section executive members and important section-related information below.

Section executive members


  • Dr. Craig Hodgson, Whitecourt

Past President

  • vacant


  • Dr. Darryl LaBuick, St. Albert


  • Dr. Jo Ann Robinson, Edson
  • Dr. Katherine Kasha, Edmonton (Interim appointment)
  • Dr. Van Thuy Nguyen, Calgary (Interim appointment)
  • Dr. Heidi Fell, Calgary (Interim appointment)

Other Representatives


Representative Forum Delegates

  • Dr. Jane Ballantine, Calgary
  • Dr. Magali Benard, Westlock
  • Dr. Heidi Fell, Calgary
  • Dr. Rabiya Jalil, Calgary
  • Dr. Darryl LaBuick, St. Albert
  • Dr. Maeve O'Beirne, Calgary
  • Dr. Jo Ann Robinson, Edson
  • Dr. Randall Sargent, Canmore
  • Dr. Serena Siow, Calgary
  • Dr. Mukarram Zaidi, Calgary

Fees Representative

  • Dr. Craig Hodgson, Whitecourt

SRM President

  • Dr. Samantha Myhr, Pincher Creek (Ex-officio member)

PCN Physician Leads Executive

  • Dr. Nadine Letwin, Edmonton (Ex-officio member)

SFM Compensation Working Group

  • Dr. Craig Hodgson, Chair
  • Dr. Edward Aasman, SRM member
  • Dr. Andrea Hargrove, SRM member
  • Dr. Van Thuy Nguyen, SFM member

SFM Nominating Committee

  • Dr. Jo Ann Robinson, Chair
  • Dr. Vince Elgersma, elected member
  • Dr. Tyler Hunter, elected member
  • vacant, appointed member


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